One Feeds Two

meals donated

The name Mindful Chef, embodies all that we aspire to be. In September 2017 we partnered with the inspirational charity One Feeds Two, so that for every Mindful meal sold, we donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.

We're proud to be the first recipe box in the UK pioneering this 'one for one' model and together with our customer's support we've donated over 1,000,623 meals to children in Malawi so far!

Our ambition is to donate 1 million meals, that's the equivalent to feeding 5,266 children through an entire academic year. Not only does it give a child a free meal, it's also getting them back into education, which is imperative to furthering their development through life.

With our strong values around the suppliers we work with, the healthy ingredients we use in our recipes boxes and our impact on the environment, plus our efforts to raise awareness of initiatives like our 'one for one' charity model and B Corp – we hope to create a social movement and encourage our peers to be more mindful in business too.

We can't thank One Feeds Two enough for facilitating this and our customers for supporting us.
Together we are rethinking the meaning of good food.